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Zdenek Lukas

Male. Lives in  Czech Republic.
About Me
Your problem is that you find it hard to talk to people in English. You may be comfortable talking t...View More
Zdenek Lukas
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Zdenek Lukas
✍️ How is the word “dough” pronounced? And what does it mean? It’s time for a 3-part vocabulary mini-series. The context for the target language are provided by restaurant cards from the game Rival ...View More
Zdenek Lukas
I don’t know why, but a lot of YouTubers are fond of doing what’s referred to as “Unboxing Videos”. To my mind, this is a really weird “YouTube genre”, but it seems to generate a lot of views. Wel...View More
Zdenek Lukas
People often GIVE UP learning ENGLISH because they get BORED, frustrated, or both. The TEACHER is boring, the MATERIAL that is used is boring, the TOPICS are boring, everything about the LESSON is b...View More
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