Welcome to Bluqr, a space for kids to learn and grow. We provide a social marketplace for teachers and students from around the globe to connect and explore new, fun & interactive ways to learn. Our teachers excel at using games and story-telling to explain complex subjects that may otherwise be difficult to understand through traditional methods of teaching. This includes the use of technology, art and entertainment using a variety of media to allow children to build their knowledge on topics of interest in one-on-one or group sessions. 

Our aim is to establish a unique, educational marketplace that supports these innovative new methods. We encourage teachers to engage in creative activities with students and build a productive environment for virtual learning. 

We cover subjects ranging from Maths, Coding, Computer Science, English, STEM courses, Art, Investment, Social Studies and many many more. 


Be a Part of Our Global Learning Communities 

Learning effectively needs constant interaction and guidance through collaboration with peers and educators. Our marketplace facilitates this, allowing children to engage with learning communities from around the globe. We cover lessons from kindergarten level to high school, with a focus on quality and passion for the subject being taught. Lessons are provided through:
  • One-on-one classes 
  • Group classes 
  • Interactive learning communities 


All covered by a 7 day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.



Why Choose Us?


For Teachers:

  • Plan your own schedules and work accordingly 
  • Give classes from anywhere in the world
  • Set your own fees 
  • No limits on the creativity with which you design your courses, as long as it's effective and meaningful


For Parents/Students:

  • A supportive and encouraging learning environment where there are no judgments or limits to creativity 
  • Learning complex subjects in the context of games and stories both familiar and new, a method proven to improve information retention and comprehension.   
  • No limits to the creativity on display when questioning, observing or applying the lessons taught.